Virtual Reality Presentation training



360°  video production for Virtual Reality

EPO helps clients make the best and most engaging presentations possible. While practicing a presentation, it can be difficult for the speaker to imagine the audience, which will be in front of them. So we developed a series of virtual reality films to create real-life scenarios they could use as a training tool to be better prepared for the presentation.


The project was carried out by placing a 360-degree camera in a number of different meeting rooms and auditoriums with accompanying audiences. This achieves a very realistic experience of a live audience that watches your presentation when you practice in the VR headset.

Whether it is training for the next job interview or the next lecture, the presentation training can help you well on your way under controlled conditions and in a safe environment.

The project was designed and developed for Oculus GO as it is a wireless headset and provides ample opportunity to train its presentations on the go.

360 camera conference

Client testimonial

“We are extremely pleased with the extraordinary combination of technical insight and aesthetic sense, Trida Media has performed during our collaboration. We will undoubtedly use them for future projects.”

Kenn Hansen