The Lost Norsemen

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Virtual Reality Exhibition

The Lost Norsemen exhibition is developed in cooperation with Norse Theme Parks. The audience travels to Greenland – placed right into the tale of the Icelandic Vikings, who marked their presence in the southern landscape of Greenland. The exhibition uses historical facts, along with fiction and mythology to narrate the tale. It is visualized through 360° recordings of Greenland along with expository illustrations and is experienced through Virtual Reality glasses.

The project is supported by: Gladsaxe Kommune, Air Greenland, Royal Arctic Line, Katuaq, Greenland Advice, The Nordic Institute in Greenland, National Library of Greenland

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What is it?

The exhibition had its’ official premiere in Nuuk in December 2020. Guests could visit the tales of the Norsemen through the VR headsets. Through the headset visitors were transported to Greenland’s beautiful landscapes and ruins, where the Vikings used to live. Many of the recordings are from the area Kujalleq, which is on Unesco’s world heritage list.

In addition to the VR experience, the exhibition includes a podcast series, which contains a story of our own experience with travelling in Greenland, and our meeting with the nature and the Greenlandic people.


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What can I experience?

The Vikings travelled from Iceland to Greenland and settled there a thousand years ago, until they mysteriously disappeared around the 15th century. We produced 9 VR tales, that explore what happened to the Vikings – also known as the Norsemen. The tales contains the history of their disappearing, their interaction with the Inuit, and their mark on Greenland.

The VR tales contain recordings from South Greenland with a voice over, who guides you through facts, folklore and mythologies, combined with graphical elements, illustrations, and visual effects.

It is a virtual adventure, to fascinate people of all ages.


Where can I see the exhibition?

Current exhibitions:

Former exhibitions:

Nordatlantisk Hus, Odense: 17 June – 3. September 2021
Værebro bibliotek (Online): 22 March – 30. April 2021
Katuaq Kulturhus, Nuuk, Greenland: 17. November – 15. December 2020