Cumbia Collective instagram filter

Cumbia Instagram Effect

Client: Cumbia Collective

01: Project Brief

Project Release

July 2020

Project type

Augmented Reality

AR for Instagram

Our Contribution

AR Design
AR For Social Media
Motion Graphics

cumbia collective logo

The Copenhagen based Latin music group Cumbia Collective had many fans who were eager to share stories of their live concerts on Instagram. The band wished to explore options of how to use this to reach more fans. We suggested an Augmented Reality effect filter, which they could use to encourage fans to share during shows and to increase organic reach.

02: Background information

The AR effect should relate not only to the band, but also to the music and concert experience. More importantly, it had to be shareable and fun. From experience, we know that face filters are easy to use and can be applied to more than one face at a time, so that the audience could capture themselves with friends during concerts. Moreover, the band would still be able to be seen as part of the background and become great content for Instagram stories.

03: Motion graphics

Besides making something shareable and easy to use, we also wished to increase the band’s brand and musical storytelling. We ended up taking the band’s well-known concert introduction of shouting “CUUUMBIAA” and turning it into a text that floats out of the fans’ mouths. To increase brand awareness, we placed the band logo on their cheek, imitating typical face paints similar to those ding e.g. sport events. Lastly, to make the filter inclusive to groups of people, the face filter was developed to track and appear on up to 3 faces simultaneously.