Cumbia Collective

360° Live Concert Experience


Cumbia Collective


360° Video Live Stream

We worked with the Copenhagen based Latin music group Cumbia Collective and in collaboration with Nørrebrohallen, to launch our first 360° Live stream Concert on Facebook! The band wanted to do a live stream to reach more people during this pandemic, so people could come together online for this online event.  The band consist of 15 artist playing instruments, therefore the 360° video format would fit perfect for the live event. 


bass player and a 360 camera
live stream computer screens

An Enhanced Experience

We wanted to experiment and create something special for this 360° Live Experience. So we decided to do some live mixing with motion graphic elements and previously recorded footage, which we could overlay and blend in on top of the live footage throughout the concert. We placed the band around the camera, to create a more exclusive and intimate concert experience where the viewer was the center of the stage.

Live on Facebook

We streamed directly to Facebook, which was only made possible thanks to our friends at Insta360 who granted us access to Facebooks 360 streaming API. This allowed us to stream in 4K directly to the users’ location, without having to redirect them off the social media platform.
YouTube is also an option for 360 live streaming, but as Cumbia Collective core followers were on Facebook, this was the better option. More than a 2000 people around the world tuned in during the live stream making this their largest concert ever.