Snapchat Christmas Filters

01: Project Brief

To scatter Christmas-spirit upon people in a world affected by corona, we developed evocative Snapchat Christmas filters. The idea was to be able to give people a possibility to communicate and have fun without the ability of being present together.

Project Release

December 2020

Project type

Augmented Reality

AR for Snapchat
Theme-driven design

Our Contribution

AR Design
AR for Social Media
Motion Graphics
Traditional animation
Product development

02: The Christmas filters

The filters are accessible and sharable for everyone – the only thing needed to send warm Christmas greetings, is to have the Snapchat app installed on your phone. Our filters took inspiration from different Christmas traditions, such as the Christmas tree or Christmas cards.

The visual style of our filters were highly inspired by our own childhood memories of Christmas, that included cartoons and the Disney Christmas show. Therefore, the graphics were developed with traditional drawing and animation techniques. We experimented with a few different technical implementations, such as color corrections, face masks, graphical overlays, head binding, background segmentation and touch inputs.

Try out the Snapchat christmas filters

Scan the codes with the Snapchat app if you are on desktop. if you are on mobile just click the code.