Campaign site mockcup with AR

Greenland on the Rocks Campaign

Client: Norse Theme Parks ApS

01: Project Brief

Project Release

June 2020

Project type

360° video
Video Production
Augmented Reality
Web development

Our Contribution

Video Production
Video editing
360° video production
AR Design
AR For Social Media
Website Development

Our friends at Norse theme Parks, came up with the idea to create an E-Tourism  campaign highlighting places in Southern Greenland with a twist of viking history from the area. People are stuck at home due to the pandemic and travel has been restricted, we helped create this campaign allowing people to experience Greenland from the comfort of their home using Immersive content.

02: The Story behind the Campaign

In November 2020, Norse Theme Parks – a company specialising in Viking- inspired fact/fantasy experiences will be holding an exhibition in Greenland’s capital, Nuuk. Titled ‘The Lost Norsemen’, and created in collaboration with Immersive Content Specialists Trida Media, this event explores the lifestyles and disappearance of the original Norse settlers. We have utilised advanced 360-degree audio-visual film technology to capture nine fascinating areas in Southern Greenland.

One of the main reasons for creating this exhibition was a unique article describing the discovery in Greenland of the remains of a small, boat-shaped stone hut containing articles as diverse as reindeer antlers, a sheep’s tooth, walrus tusks, a pouch containing game pieces, and the remains of a copper pot. These items could have belonged to a Viking Seeress who may have used them for magic rituals – an element which appealed to NTP’s fascination with Norse Mythology.

The mythical twist in this fascinating story generated an exhibition concept designed to introduce potential tourists to the magic of southern Greenland, thereby supporting tourism both locally and internationally. COVID-19 might still be forcing parts of the world to its knees, but 360-degree virtual safaris can still allow people to experience first-hand views of spectacular sights, just like local residents.


Hospitable in the inhospitable

When NTP’s film crew visited Greenland to collect footage of the nine destinations, they discovered that – in an often-inhospitable environment – the inhabitants were exceedingly hospitable.

These individuals work tirelessly to attract tourists to this frosty pearl, building small start-up businesses, creating adventures and selling art, crafts and culinary experiences. Learning about this made the team at NTP – also a risk-taking start-up company – even more determined to make a big splash in November with this goodwill campaign.

It will run from June 8th to June 21st, which happens to be Greenland’s National Day. As well as showcasing some of the nine sights for our The Lost Norsemen exhibition, the Greenland on the Rocks campaign features four amusing gimmicks and features, where viewers can interact or position themselves – selfie-like – in some of the best locations in Greenland. Since travel is currently virtually impossible, NTP is offering viewers a unique opportunity to hop into the virtual world from the comfort of their home.

4 people standing at a greenlandic glacier

03: The website

We have developed a responsive Campaign site, with focus on a digital experience using multiple technologies. The design is simple and puts the immersive content in focus.

Visually it looks simple and easy to navigate. Behind the curtain is an automated system which will release the next video once the timer reaches zero, informing the user when to expect more content to be release.  The site released content on a biweekly schedule which was both 360° video experiences and Augmented Reality experiences on Instagram. The site therefore worked as a gateway to different the digital experiences and as an information platform for the exhibition in November. 

The videos were hosted on YouTube as it is the only platform supporting 8K resolution. By hosting the 360° video on YouTube we also open up the possibility for people to experience them in Virtual reality for a more immersive experience.

The Augmented reality experiences was developed for Instagram as it is an app most people already have on their phone, and thereby making the experience more accessible.

Mobile Mockup website
Sketch of website
Website mockup

04: Social Media Augmented Reality

We developed Four Augmented Reality Experiences for Instagram, in the categories Destination experiences and Brand Engagement as the campaign had two purposes.


  1. Putting a spotlight Greenland during this difficult time for their tourism industry.
  2. Increase awareness of The Lost Norsemen Exhibition in November.

The experiences were designed to be shareable, fun and engaging. One of the AR experiences  which immediately took off was an AR portal to Igaliku also known as Gardar by the Norsemen. The AR filter is a 360° image we took while in Igaliku put into a rune portal with sound design of what it is actually like being there. You will hear a combination of ravens, sheep and the silence of the wind.

05: The 360° Video Content

The 360-degree virtual safari allows people to experience first-hand views of spectacular sights.

We recorded the videos in 360° in September 2019, which is one of the best times of the year to visit Southern Greenland.  Some of four locations in this campaign are remote locations and are difficult to get to for the average tourist. This experience allows for people to experience remote locations with fantastic views from the comfort of their home, and locations which can be reached by most, who might get inspired for their next vacation. A prime example of digital tourism in use.

The final product was four videos three of which were 360° video and one drone video. The videos showcase the locations and provides facts about the Vikings in the different places through voice over and motion graphic elements.

360 camera setup with production crew in greenland