Immersive Marketing: 3 Ways to use Augmented Reality Portals

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Augmented Reality, Marketing, Tourism

Augmented Reality (AR) Portals, can transport the user to an environment of your choosing. This type of solution has a huge wow-effect. As you physically move into another world, you become more and more immersed with every step you take!

The content of the AR portal can have a variety of functions for communicating your value proposition to your target group. From exploring locations, to loyalty club offers and showcasing your product. This is how you create accessible and innovative storytelling for your brand.

Service Awareness

Use AR portals to incite clients explore your loyalty club offers and make use of your lesser known services. This helps raise awareness and potential ROI of neglected  areas, which could increase customer satisfaction and brand recognition.

An exciting AR portal experience, which shows your customers their gifts and benefits they didn’t know they had access to increases brand engagement and awareness.

Mastercard recently utilized this by creating an AR app for their loyalty members allowing them to point their phone at the card and enable an AR experience showcasing their loyalty benefits

master card portal ar solution
Image by Mastercard

Product experience

Save customers the time of scrolling through pictures and videos, and allow them to walk among your products in a 3D environment. This type of presentation can enforce the perception of your product, your message and your brand.

Would you rather see pictures of the newest kids toy collection?

– Or pick up your phone and walk into a virtual animated world and see the toys up close and how they work.



Video By Snap inc.

Location experience

Areas of interest can be visited beforehand, by letting users enter the location through an AR portal. This type of exploration delivers a highly engaging passage to new places, unparalleled by pictures & videos, as the user feels presence and decides the perspective.

Want to see highly edited pictures of the seemingly interesting apartment for sale, your new office, the highly recommended hotel room or potential travel destination  – Or walk into the place and look around yourself?

AR tourism portal by Trida Media

We have already taken initiative and developed some concepts for tourism and real estate. Reach out today to find out how you can use this experience in your business.

You can also try out our AR portal to Greenland on instagram @tridamedia  or click the link here to open it directly

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