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Deep Dive: Four Levels of Virtual Reality Theater

The advances of theater due to technologies such as Virtual Reality, and the depths to which it can immerse the modern audience in new levels of storytelling.

4 Examples of Product Visualization with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) can offer something different and valuable. From discovering and engaging with products to receiving unique guidelines and supportive instructions, the possibilities are many!

Immersive Marketing: 3 Ways to use Augmented Reality Portals

Augmented Reality (AR) Portals, can transport the user to an environment of your choosing. This type of solution has a huge wow-effect. As you physically move into another world, you become more and more immersed with every step you take! The content of the AR portal...
Year in review

Year in review

Sometimes it’s hard to recall or understand the scope of what you’ve done in a year unless you document it. We've been working full-time on the...