360° Video Production

Transport audiences into your narrative, for a wide array of purposes – such as marketing and live-streaming. Use online channels, Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) experiences to deliver innovative content!

Industry usage


Improve storytelling and create visually engaging content. You can help viewers understand your message and stand out at the same time.


Remove doubt and waiting time by letting clients explore their new home by walking into an AR experience or using a VR headset.


Invite audiences to your performance or exhibition. Give them a personal experience, a taste of your work up close and save your resources on physical events.


VR Therapy is proven scientifically effective in treating various psychological disorders. Use 360° video productions for immersing patients in handling social anxiety, phobias or PTSD.


Use 360° productions to create efficient and risk-free scenarios. Teach your methods in each situation without personal supervision or inconvenient relocations.


Reach your biggest audiences in real-time with engaging 360° video live streams on popular platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Add overlays for impressive visuals and save time on post-production.

Change the experience – Step into the story!

360° video is one of the most powerful content formats for user engagement. Combining it with Virtual Reality (VR), it can transport the viewer into any narrative with a high sense of presence and spatial awareness.

It’s the perfect match for delivering memorable video experiences, whether it be for marketing, training simulation, journalism or education.

Besides VR headsets, it can be presented on web, AR experiences, mobile channels and other major platforms like YouTube and Facebook, which allows higher engagement and reach.

360 video recording


360° videos can create better results than traditional videos


of companies that use 360° video found it more effective.


Increase in CTR compared to traditional video.


Increase in viewers recalling ads when seen in 360°.

Full-Service Production


We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and business goals, and adapt it to the 360° format. We then develop a script, storyboard and the shooting plans for an efficient production stage.


We focus on optimizing the quality of the story and ‘telepresence’ in the production stage. Shooting 360° video for VR requires careful execution for a comfortable and engaging experience. Motion, cinematography and technical aspects all need to be carefully planned and executed.


360° Post-Production involves the process of stitching and blending footage from the individual cameras, to make it into seamless and high quality image. Trida Media works with Mistika, and the Adobe creative suite to produce the highest quality content possible.


We optimize for multiple online platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube. if you need custom implementation in VR or AR mobile application, we can help you with development of that too!

360 video recording

Post Production Services


The first step of any good 360 video production is a high quality stitching. We work with the best software providers in the industry to deliver high quality stiching and fine tuning, both for monoscopic and stereoscopic projects.

360° Video editing

Music, sound effects, color grading and editing are all essential steps to making a good 360° video production. We edit 360° videos with the viewer in mind, ensuring your audience gets the best representation of the format, making your story and message shine through!

360° Motion Graphics

Working with the 360° format, you cannot simply drag a 2D element into the picture. We can convert 2D elements into the 360° format or produce entire motion graphics specifically within the 360° format.


Shaky footage is a no-go for any 360° video that is meant for VR. We stabilize footage, whether it’s a mild sawying in the wind or a handheld tracking shot, making it usable for VR.

Rig Removal

We remove tripods, unwanted shadows and other production gear from any shot, making your video more professional and immersive.

Visual Effects

Did you shoot during the day, but really needed a night scene? Need to have a sign replaced? Or do you need a tornado in your 360° video to tell your story? This is where visual effects come in, and it’s a task we will make sure is accomplished to perfect the story.


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